Everything You Need to Know About GPT In a Tarantino-Style Hackers’ Tale

four hackers sit around a table in a dingy warehouse

Narrator: “You ever heard of GPT-3? Pfft, amateur hour. But the real question is, have you heard of GPT-3.5? No? Well, let me school you on the real deal.”

A group of hackers sit around a table in a dingy warehouse, their fingers flying across their keyboards as they plot their next move.

Hacker 1, a sly woman known as “The Fox,” smirks as she speaks. “GPT-3 is nothing but a cheap knockoff. GPT-3.5 is where it’s at.”

Hacker 2, known as “The Scar,” a rough-looking man with a scar running down his cheek, snorts. “Yeah, GPT-3.5 is the real deal. It’s got a neural network with over 175 billion parameters, more than enough to understand and process all the data we can throw at it.”

Hacker 3, or “The Smooth One,” a slender man with a smooth voice, raises an eyebrow. “What makes it so special?”

The Fox grins wider. “Well, it’s been trained on a ridiculous amount of diverse data, so it can do all sorts of tasks like translation, summarization, and question answering. Plus, it can even create original content like articles and stories just by being prompted with a specific topic.”

The Scar leans back in his chair. “But what sets GPT-3.5 apart from the previous versions?”

The Fox leans back in her chair, her eyes glinting with mischief. “Well, for starters, it’s faster, more efficient, and more accurate than any of the previous GPT models. Plus, it’s constantly learning and adapting. It can improve its performance by constantly learning from new data and adjusting its algorithms accordingly.”

The Smooth One nods, impressed. “That makes it a valuable asset for a wide range of applications, like natural language processing, machine translation, and language generation.”

Hacker 4, a quiet man with a menacing aura known as “The Shadow,” speaks up for the first time. “I’ve even heard it can be used for tasks like sentiment analysis and content moderation. It’s like, if you give it enough data, it can practically do anything.”

The Fox nods in agreement. “Exactly. And with its size and capabilities, GPT-3.5 is going to change the game for artificial intelligence and language processing.”

The Scar grins. “Yeah, and the best part is that it’s easily accessible through its API. No need to be a computer science genius or spend months coding. With GPT-3.5, anyone can tap into its power and use it for their own projects.”

The Smooth One nods. “Definitely. It’s going to open up a ton of new possibilities for people in all kinds of fields, not just hackers. And have you heard the rumors about GPT-4? I heard it’s going to be even more advanced and have even more capabilities.”

The Shadow nods. “Yeah, I’ve heard some crazy things about GPT-4. Like, it might be able to generate its own code, or even design and build its own hardware. Can you even imagine the possibilities?”

The Fox grins. “I know, right? And who knows what other amazing things it could do. GPT-4 could be the ultimate AI tool.”

The Smooth One raises an eyebrow. “It’s hard to say if those rumors are true. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for GPT-4.”

The Scar grins. “Well, one thing’s for sure – GPT-3.5 is an amazing tool as it is. I can’t wait to see what we can do with it.”

The Shadow nods in agreement. “Yeah, let’s get to work. GPT-3.5 is going to be our secret weapon in all our future projects.”

The Fox stands up and stretches, ready to get back to work. “Well, I think we’ve spent enough time talking about GPT-3.5. Time to put it to the test and see what kind of chaos we can create with it.”

The Scar grins. “Yeah, let’s get to it. I’ve got a few ideas in mind.”

The Smooth One stands up and stretches as well. “Me too. I can’t wait to see what kind of mayhem we can cause with GPT-3.5 on our side.”

But just as the group is about to get back to work, the door to the warehouse suddenly swings open and a group of heavily armed police officers burst in, guns drawn.

“Freeze! Hands in the air!”

The hackers freeze, shocked at the sudden intrusion. The Fox raises her hands slowly. “What’s going on here?”

One of the officers steps forward, his face stern. “You’re all under arrest for computer crimes and illegal hacking. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The hackers stare at each other in shock as they’re taken into custody, their dreams of using GPT-3.5 for their own nefarious purposes crushed.

Narrator: “And that’s the end of our story. The hackers’ plans for GPT-3.5 were foiled, but for those of us who use GPT-3.5 for legal and ethical purposes, the possibilities are endless. Use GPT-3.5 wisely, and you too can achieve great things. And who knows, maybe one day it’ll even be able to pull off the ultimate heist.”

This Scene was created by ChatGPT and the images by DALL-E 2. Edited by Omri Shabath.