The Milligan Gang

A surreal painting of five different faces try to jump out of one head

I am Billy, the core, the prime
My mind’s like a puzzle, not in a rhyme
I’m introverted and shy
My memories, often fly by
Leaving me feeling out of time.

I am passive, withdrawn and meek
My actions, often I cannot seek
I am amnesic, it’s true
But deep inside, I’m feeling blue
Wishing my mind wasn’t so unique.

I am Tommy, the life of the party
I’ll make you laugh, I’ll make you hearty
I’m outgoing, extroverted too
People find me intriguing to view
But my past, it’s a bit of a tarty.

I’m the one who’s in charge of the thrill
Criminal activities, I’ll fulfill
I’ll steal and I’ll take
But my actions, I’ll make no mistake
To be caught, I’ll never stand still.

I am Ragen, Vadascovinich my name
My temper, it’s quick to inflame
I am violent, paranoid too
My misdeeds, I’ll see them through
But my past, it’s filled with shame.

I’ll do whatever it takes
Kidnapping, attempted murder, no breaks
I am aggressive, that’s clear
But honestly, I’m feeling fear
Wishing my mind wasn’t so complex.

I am David, the childlike one
My heart is pure, my thoughts undone
I am vulnerable, innocent too
Emotions, I know how to subdue
But my past, it’s not much fun.

I am in charge of pain suppression
And emotional regulation obsession
I’ll make you feel alright
But deep inside, there’s a fight
Wishing my mind was without discretion.

I am Arthur, the cultured one
Intelligence, self-assured, I’ve begun
I speak multiple languages with ease
And my artistic gambits, I’ll never cease
But love, it’s not something I have won.

I am polished and refined, on cue
I make sure that my talents ensue
I am in control of my mind
But I know I’m confined
Wishing my past, I could just undo.

We are all Billy, one and the same,
Trapped in this mind, in this endless game,
We all share one body,
Our soul, really shoddy,
We’re all different, but we all share the blame.

This poem was created by ChatGPT and the images by DALL-E 2. Edited by Omri Shabath.