Escape: A Criminal’s Tale (AI-Generated Poem)

A harrowing gloomy tattooed man looking solemnly at his baby in the crib

Once I was a reckless youth,
With no thought for tomorrow,
Living life on the edge of truth,
In a world filled with sorrow.

I ran with a ruthless gang,
Causing chaos and fear,
Never once thinking to hang,
My head in shame and tear.

But then I met my darling wife,
And she brought light to my life,
And soon we had a child,
Who brought joy and strife.

I knew then that I had to leave,
This life of crime and fear,
But I knew that if I did grieve,
My gang would have me disappear.

So I made a plan to flee,
To a land far across the sea,
Where I could start anew,
And raise my child with glee.

But it was not to be so easy,
For my gang was not so kind,
They hunted me down with great ease,
Leaving me nowhere to hide.

In the end, I had no choice,
But to run and never look back,
Leaving my old life behind,
In search of a new track.

Now I am a fugitive,
Living in fear and doubt,
But at least my child is safe,
And that is what I’m about.

I may never be free,
From the guilt and the shame,
But at least my child will see,
A life without this gang.

So I’ll keep running until the end,
In search of a new beginning,
Leaving behind my old life,
And the sins of my winning.

This poem was created by ChatGPT and the images by DALL-E 2.