The Legend of Tom Brady

photorealistic painting of a football player in the uniform of the New England Patriots with number 12

Tom Brady, a name that echoes with fame,
His deeds on the field, an epic of game.
A leader in heart, with a will of steel,
And the skills to bring his team the big win and thrill.

With arm like a thunder, he threw with great might,
A passer unmatched, a quarterback of light.
In twenty-three years, he played with such grace,
And led his teams to the ultimate place.

The Super Bowl, the pinnacle of fame,
Seven times he rose, with victory as his aim.
Five times he was MVP of the game,
His skills on display, a sight to exclaim.

Three times, he was named the NFL’s best,
His greatness, unrivaled, put to the test.
In the NFL for twenty-three years,
A career that saw cheers and tears.

But greatness, it seemed, was not his from the start,
Drafted 199th, with a low profile part.
Yet he rose up, and proved them all wrong,
With each touchdown, he proved he belonged.

So now, as he sets his cleats aside,
We pay homage to this football legend and guide.
Tom Brady, a name that will forever live,
In the hearts of fans, his impact will always give.

This poem was created by ChatGPT and the images by DALL-E 2. Edited by Omri Shabath.