I Saw You Once

I saw you once, now fixed in me you nest,
Where even Odalisque your grace can’t test.
An endless sea of charms engulfs my view,
Like Friedrich’s monk, I stand in awe of you.

I saw you once and Kant fast seemed to chime:
Your beauty overwhelmed, then turned sublime.
My heart thus veered from blurry Turner’s Storm
To bright euphoric Dawn in shape and form.

I saw you once and felt that artist spark:
The Courting Couple in van Gogh’s old park;
Millet’s Potato Planters harmony;
Or praying Angelus in symphony.

I’d be the Sunrise in Monet’s rich hue:
A color, complementary of you.


2 thoughts on “I Saw You Once

  1. lucky lady ! I bet she feels like the most beautiful girl in the world when she reads this poem !

  2. I wish my boyfriend wasn’t stupid and lazy and just once would have written to me something like that. I hate you, mystery girl!

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