Rising Up: An Ode to the Brave Iranian People (AI-Generated Poem)

numerous Iranian protesters

Shall I compare the brave Iranian people
To the morning sun, that doth arise
And bring new hope and light to every steeple,
Despite the darkness that doth veil the skies?
For they, like that bright orb, do rise and shine,
Despite the cruel regime that would oppress,
Their voices raised in protest, loud and fine,
Demanding justice, freedom, and redress.

You march and protest, your voices strong and true,
Demanding change and reform for all,
You stand in honor of Mahsa, whose life was due
To be taken far too soon, by the cruel wall
Of the morality police, who take and kill
For crimes as small as wearing an improper veil.
But you will not be silenced, you will not be still,
You will fight for your rights, and you will not fail.

Oh, brave citizens of Iran, let this poem be
A tribute to your bravery and victory.

This poem was created by ChatGPT and the images by DALL-E 2. Edited by Omri Shabath.